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Often thought of as the ultimate way to travel, a cruise can be the cure for your overworked soul.

Imagine a vacation that your kids will love with activities onboard just for them. Escape with your spouse or significant other for well… some “you” time. Never hear your teens say, “I’m bored.” It’s the stuff dream vacations are made of for the entire family or a romantic getaway. Unpack once and travel to some of the world’s most stunning coastal ports and cities. From the exotic ports of the Caribbean’s best islands to the enchanting ports of Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, there’s a perfect cruise for you.

The Cruise Experience

A cruise combines all of the elements you would pay individually for into one sweet package. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect hotel and whether it’s located close to the things you want to see. You’re stateroom is beautifully appointed and the selection ranges from cozy value priced inside cabins to luxury over the top penthouse suites! Meals are included…and we’re not just talking about a buffet either. While the buffets are scrumptious, if a five-star dining experience is what you’re looking for, a cruise vacation will not disappoint. You won’t even pay for breakfast in bed. Overall, you’re likely to get a better value for your money with a cruise vacation.

Every cruise line and ship is not created equal. While most select a cruise based on itinerary, there are so many other factors to consider. Every ship and every cruise line has a personality. Are you an active traveler looking for some adventure onboard and onshore? Or perhaps you’d like to let your inner explorer come out and interact with the world around you rather than party across the seas. Do you prefer big crowds and a party scene or unmatched luxury in an intimate setting? How you like to travel and the experience you’re looking for is critical to selecting the perfect cruise ship for your vacation.

Size does matter!

Especially when it comes to cruise ships. If you prefer to explore off the beaten path, a small ship may be better for you. You’ll arrive at smaller ports that the large cruise ships can’t reach. You won’t have the crowds of the large cruise ships so you’re port visit will be more authentic without the touristy vendors. There are small ship experiences that carry only 200 passengers and luxury yachting experiences with no more than 120 guests. There’s more of an opportunity to mix with an international crowd onboard and less of a traditional cruise ship experience.

If you are looking for a more pampered experience and some organized activities a mid-size ship could be the solution for your cruise vacation. You’ll have more “evenings” in port enjoying the nighttime atmosphere after the big ships have departed. Mid size ships offer a nice selection of activities with plenty of free time to enjoy the ship’s amenities.

Maybe you’re looking for a vacation with non-stop activities, parties, entertainment, nightlife and multiple dining experiences. A large ship caters to all of that and more.

First time cruiser?

Watch this video of our CEO, Margie Jordan, as she describes the cruise experience on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime TV.

family cruise

Take Your Whole Crew on a Cruise!

It’s a vacation your kids will love with activities onboard designed for toddlers to teens. Never hear your teens say, “I’m bored” for the entire week! Imagine the memories you’ll make when your family steps onboard. Your little ones can rub elbows with Dora the Explorer or have a Crabby Patty on deck with Sponge Bob onboard Norwegian Cruise Line. One ship, two ship. Dr. Seuss is on a Carnival cruise ship! Enjoy a tasty green eggs and ham breakfast with the Cat in the Hat and friends. The kids will love meeting Shrek, Fiona and the other Dreamworks characters onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. And for the ultimate family adventure, jump aboard a Disney Cruise Line for non-stop Disney fun! With supervised kids programs and teen only events and nightclubs, the kids may have even more fun than you!

Our Favorite Family Cruise Lines: 

family cruises

Romantic Cruises: Love on the High Seas

Romance and sailing the high seas almost seem to go hand in hand. If you’re remembering the Love Boat right now, put those memories to rest. Today’s cruise ships offer the utmost in romance. From gourmet dining to lavish suites and penthouses, a cruise ship can offer multiple romantic opportunities. Imagine watching the sunset with your significant other as the crew waits on your hand and foot.

Choosing the right ship is part of your goal but the right destination can make or break your romantic cruise journey. You could end up on a crowded beach in Cancun if you’re not careful. Hardly the romantic escape you were hoping for. Romantics and honeymooners often find themselves discover French Polynesia on the sexy Paul Gauguin ships, island hopping in Hawaii in the Haven Suites onboard Norwegian Cruise line, or the beaches of the Greek Isles on a Windstar sailing ship.

TIP: Book the biggest cabin you can afford. You’ll appreciate the space, luxury and service that comes with suites and penthouses.

Our Favorite Cruise Lines for Romance: 

Romantic Cruises

Romantic Cruises
Viking River Cruises

Meander Down the World’s Most Famous Rivers

Meander down the world’s most famous rivers on a peaceful scenic river cruise. Come face to face with some of world’s most beloved cities. Unpack just once and settle in as you sail past castles and breathtaking landscapes. Unlike large ocean cruise ships, river cruise ships are more intimate often with less than 250 passengers. Enjoy champagne breakfasts, gourmet meals and comfortable staterooms that enhance this ultimate cruise experience. River cruising opens the door to explore more of the world. The larger cruise ships are limited to visiting the coastal cities. On a river cruise, the world opens up. When your ship docks, you’ll walk right into the heart of cities that aren’t accessible to the big ships.

Our Favorite River Cruises: 

River Cruises

The World Cruise Experience

Work your way through your bucket list in one seamless trip around the world. Discover the world’s most stunning and iconic destinations on a world cruise. It’s a trip only an elite few will ever experience. Delight in ancient traditions. Discover island life. Marvel at Polynesian rhythms. The world is waiting. World journeys last approximately 100 – 180 days. Short on time? Consider doing a world cruise segment, shorter in length with all the excitement and wonder of a full world cruise. The options are limitless. Isn’t it time you went on the journey of your lifetime?

Our Favorite World Cruise Lines: 

world cruises

world cruise
Luxury Cruises

Luxury Cruising & Yachting 

Open a bottle of pinot noir as Panama unfolds before your private balcony. Let the soft sway of the Mediterranean Sea enrich your afternoon massage. Call on your butler, select a tailored shore excursion, and sip fresh cappuccino as you walk to a lecture on Russian history.

The well traveled, who understand and appreciate a five star experience, won’t settle for anything less than a luxury cruise experience. Go beyond the buffet lines and beach shore excursions to an uncrowded experience offering white glove service, unparalleled luxury and the best suites at sea.

Luxury cruise lines tend to avoid the crowded ports of the mass market cruise ships. Experiences in port are small and private touring is easily arranged.

Our Favorite Luxury Cruise Lines: 

River cruises

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